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My Mexico experience on a spiritual level

Jan 22, 2020

Welcome to this blog.

I recently came back from spending over a month in Guadalajara Mexico visiting my Mexican girlfriend and this blog is about my journey on a spiritual level.

Firstly coming out of the airport and seeing armed police plus seeing this on a regular basis all over Mexico with machine guns riding in their car was quite intimidating. Seeing this outline the issues the country has and the need for protection with the police brings one,s emotion of unexpected fear to a conscious level of awareness which can project from your sub-conscious mind.  I found this quite alarming however is a natural way of life and I just avoided looking or projecting any emotions so I stayed at a zero state of mind in thought and feelings.

The local neighbourhood where my girlfriend lives again is a place where if you are on your own and unaware of where to go, can again be quite intimidating for a single person however as I was walking out and about with my girlfriend, it felt a bit more relaxed.

The buses again was another interesting experience, a bit 3rd world where they are packed at times and quite bumpy, different to what we are use to back in the U.K.

The way to the city again can be intimidating with police everywhere and again if you are on your own, you need to keep your guard up and again avoid walking without a local as you have no idea where you are heading.

The city centre was like any other city centre with fantastic shopping centre,s and all the well know fast food an coffee places and is feels safe to be in however again be aware of your whom is around you however quite friendly and open in the restaurants and the shopping centre.s.

Visiting my girlfriend,s family home was in a more open space in a high street with shops and felt more relaxed however again with local cops about and again if you are unaware of your where you are, be aware.

I felt relaxed in Puerta Vallerata which is a beach resort and where we went to after a 5 hour drive as with locals and tourists, the only challenge is people selling you stuff at the beach.  However like any resort it felt relaxed and calm and again with lots of various supermarkets, restaurants, and bars.

Overall being on your in Mexico can be a challenge and you need to be aware and on your guard however with meditation of being at a zero state of mind with thoughts and feelings you will get by.inner peaceful view



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