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Yanni has been offering holistic alternative therapies for many years and over time has also learnt the spiritual aspect of his life including the law of attraction.

Also listening and learning from many spiritual teachers and life coaches and reading many books.


Dec 21, 2019

WELCOME to this blog about this healing process.  The reason I am offering this blog is to share this mindfulness method with you all, as it has helped me in many ways and would love to see you experience a pure mind.

I have been a Reiki master and a holistic therapist for a number of years now and have learned many methods of healing with breathing meditation exercises and positive thinking however when you learn Ho’oponopono meaning to make right, you will experience a healing process which covers all aspects of spirituality

Cleaning and clearing the mind of all thoughts which DR HEW LEN was doing when he was working in a mental hospital, and was sitting in his office and healed an entire ward of mentally ill patients without even seeing them by reading their reports and cleaning on what he read of negative emotions as we are 100% responsible for everything and everyone we attract in our lives.  So every negative emotion you encounter with others is in us so you clean on the memory as we have 11 million memories re playing per second and by saying the 4 word mantra of I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU to the divine or your higher self to then send back to clear and to avoid the negative memory from re playing and thus releasing the memory.

This is one of my favourite and passionate methods of cleaning the mind and as an advance therapist of Ho’oponopono, I recommend everyone to experience this which can help with to clear negative thinking, bring you peace of mind, be clear in the mind to manifest as your mind will be clear to visualise and also to receive divine inspiration to then act upon.  So taking action on any inspiration you receive as another way of using the law of attraction however to act upon as soon as or write it down.

I have managed to clear 95% of all thoughts and live in the present moment more then ever as I was constantly thinking and looking back at how I could of changed the negative moments and memories for years which was wasting my time sand also creating negative feelings in me.

So when you constantly use the 4 word mantra of I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU, you will clear old beliefs and habits which have been passed on in this life especially from the age of 0 -7 which creates most of our adult beliefs and actions from the sub-conscious mind and any beliefs and memories passed from our family in this life and from our ancestors.

By using the 4 word mantra, you will be calmer with yourself, feel more in a trance state and by doing the mantra on a regular basis you will then be giving love and gratitude to yourself, healing yourself and sending out gratitude and love to the universe and to your goals and this is magic.

You will create amazing experiences in your life as long as you are always clear in the mind.



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