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Oct 12, 2020

I decided to write this blog from a mindfulness perspective as I am going to Mexico to visit my girlfriend after 6 months since I last saw her, I knew coming back I will spend the next 2 weeks in isolation.

As it was my choice to go to Mexico I am writing this now being in isolation.

The first couple of days were ok as I was adjusting myself to being on my own with my mobile and laptop as company. So I will be working from my phone and also my laptop plus having the added bonus of watching football which is one of my passionate hobbies.

In between the daily routine of eating and having a few tea’s and coffee’s come into place.

3rd night Sunday and I start to feel the pressure of boredom setting in as we as humans are programmed to be pro active and on the move well most of us. It feels quite challenging and I start to feel feeling the frustration of lack of freedom and the belief of my life being controlled by other’s whom make the decisions on our freedom and how we should live our lives.

I talk to my girlfriend and feel more at ease and eventually feel more at ease and eventually accept that this is how it is for now and or the next week and half.

During the week I focus on work with a quite a bit to do catching up from inspirational notes which I wrote on my to do list which I tale action on as I focus on my computer. In between I listen to music and some spiritual teachings on you tube to educate myself more.

This is how I spend the days and in the evening again I watch some football and catch up tv.

Day 5 and I start to feel lonely in the evening and I contemplate that even though it is soul searching and spiritual as you learn more about yourself, it ca also be soul destroying as this makes me realize that for me being with someone and sharing your life with, is more affective then laying in your room with your thoughts.

Sadness sets in to and to imagine being this way and for those who experience being on their own with no-one around and this can be quit a challenge and with no freedom also to be able to to go out.

However every night I spend about an hour doing various meditation and mantra’s and listening to you-tube sounds which brings inner calmness.

Day 6 and I feel more calm today and focus on my working day as I look at the clock and hour by hour gets closer to day 14.

I still have to stay strong and focus on my meditation, phone and laptop to keep me company.

Living this way is surreal and unnatural and one of the biggest challenges I have experienced #mindfulness.

I feel like sticking my head out of the window and shouting “help” “help” get me out of here lol.

Boredom starting to set in again as time seems like it is staying still.

This though gets to appreciate the small things in life and also to appreciate what we have with mobiles and laptops which were never around years ago so grateful to small mercy’s. A new experience for living.

.Day 7 week 1 WHOOP WHOOP

However 5pm again and feeling the pressure of being in a room for hours.  I am use to moving around however again this is a mental challenge I will have to get through.

Day 8 – 4pm Sat – frustration sets in however no choice I have to deal with it.

Can see why depression can set it no matter how positive you stay with thoughts and emotions, we as humans need to function with action and movement.  I suppose this was one the theories the government knew that would happen.  It would keep the people who make medication pro active and more profitable. (Just a thought).

Day 10 Mon – 4 days left and again focus on my work, step by step, hour by hour.

Mon 4.40pm again I feel like my freedom is being controlled by others.  Challenging however it is what it is.

Day 13 – Thurs.  The most frustrating day as one more left however am itching to be free from this isolation.  My sub-conscious mind is programmed to adapt and to be patient and I need to ride the waves of time.

Day 14 Freedom and I go out after 14 days to the local and feels like a fresh of breath air even just to the local store.

CONCLUSION:  It was a balance of the mind with highs and lows and a test of character where I mostly felt my freedom had been taken away, however was an opportunity to learn about myself on a spiritual level too, mind body and spirit.  I learnt how to self control and accept what was and how to get to back to a zero state of mind, however in between I felt the frustration of being stuck in one location.   An experience that all of us have experienced however a challenge in itself.  So the moral of the story was how we cope on a mindfulness level.

Thank you for reading.

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