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Yanni has been offering holistic alternative therapies for many years and over time has also learnt the spiritual aspect of his life including the law of attraction.

Also listening and learning from many spiritual teachers and life coaches and reading many books.


Oct 21, 2019

 This was my first major large event with thousands of people visiting and it was combined with OMYOGA SHOW, where I was promoting my Yanni mindful masterclass 7 Step clearing the mind.



My first day was quite daunting as when I arrived I had no table or chairs in my stall area so I purchased them and also I had my good friend Chris Campbell TUISWE Massage with me as help and moral support. The day started to get busy after about 11am and I was promoting with handing out leaflets.

I started to get more confident with myself overtime and by giving a more personal touch as speaking direct to people about my services where I would see other stalls over forcing their products at times.



Today I was on my own so I felt I had to raise my frequency vibration levels/energy more and push more and my friend Chris suggested to offer the program for free if they ad a picture of me on social media or if I get an email address.

I was more pro active and again I spent time talking to people passing by and handing out my leaflets and offering the opportunity to enter the draw and started to get emails, so a big thank you to Chris for the inspiration.

Today was more productive and I felt more confident with myself and kept up my positive energy level and also mirror matched the energy of the potential clients passing by to gain rapport.


Day 3

Today was the day I was going to offer my 30 minute Ho’oponopono talk the Hawaiian healing clearing method in the morning so I visualized the talk in my mind however when you go live then anything can happen.

My Good friend Amanda from mobilebeautysanctuary arrived with her husband and they came to my stall before the talk and gave me encouragement and she also agreed to video the talk.

I go live on stage and they give me a microphone so you can imagine my flight or fight response raises with thoughts and feelings of ok this is really happening so I have to raise my game from the beginning.

I ask for guidance from the divine and my angels before and everyone enjoyed the talk at the end especially the meditation of the mantra and got good reviews of this at the end.

I continue to promote on my stall during the day and get more emails and I feel the 3 days now is coming to a close and overall I am grateful for the experience and gain guidance on how to do it differently next time around so yes a great experience.



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