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Feb 8, 2020

you believe

Welcome to another blog with myself Yannimindbodyandspirit

This blog is all about letting go of your EGO even if you are unaware as your sub-conscious mind and memory is creating every choice you make after you are conscious of the choice.  95% of your mind is creating this and this can effect the way people see you.  However if you are aware and using your ego as a way of gaining attention or as I see it the need of unconditional love from others then this is also for you as being aware is the first step for change.

Once you let go of the EGO of the I AM and need to be in control of all then you will reap bigger rewards as your mind would be clearer to make choices at a zero state of mind and also through inspiration as you have cleaned on the memory which has 11 million memories running per second.

I have cleaned my EGO by about 95% by using Ho’oponopono the Hawaiian clearing method for the mind by saying the 4 word mantra of  I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU and this has cleared my memory of choices which I was unable to see before this method because I was letting my needs overtake the right choice needed at the moment to suit my desires.

Seeing your desires in a different form will bring more joy and your desires can manifest quicker without having the blockage or cloud judgement of your EGO.

Give this method a try and leave a comment to see if you have felt any different.

Thank you.



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