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Yanni has been offering holistic alternative therapies for many years and over time has also learnt the spiritual aspect of his life including the law of attraction.

Also listening and learning from many spiritual teachers and life coaches and reading many books.


Apr 14, 2020

WELCOME to another blog with myself Yanni mind body and spriit.

This blog is about how to find inner belief and this stems from a few ways which may be blocking you in the mind, with your feelings, your memories and current negative beliefs.

The mind creates  negative thinking and this then creates negative self belief about yourself as you become your thoughts with words that affirm the person you become.  When I had negative thoughts I used a meditation method which is in my 7 step clearing the mind program where I managed to clear 95% of blocked negative thoughts re-playing in my sub-conscious mind.

Also thoughts and words creates the way you will feel and this impacts on your emotions with negative body language and also possible impact on your health as your body needs positive energy, positive words and positive thinking to lift up the spirit within.  So again to gain inner belief you have to change the words you use, the thoughts you think about into positive or attempt to be at a zero state of mind.  A mind of bliss that brings inner calmness.

Memories play a big part also on your beliefs as we have 11,000,000 million memories re-playing in the sub-conscious mind every second and we are unaware of which memories will be re-playing so if negative memories pop up, then again this can impact on your self belief, your emotions and your spirit.  Clearing the mind with meditation helped me and I used the Hawaiian clearing method of step 1 in my program to help with this and within a week I managed to be clear and then constant mediation.

Finally your current beliefs can also create lack of self belief within you even on a sub-conscious level as you may be unaware that it is creating the way you feel however again words create the way you will feel.  So positive words and changing your program in your mind will eliminate current blocked negative beliefs and then you will be clear to install new beliefs..

If you wish to create changes more details can be found with my 7 step clearing the mind program Yanni mindful masterclass which can be found on my website.

Thank you for reading.



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