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Dec 30, 2019


Welcome to this blog on help with quitting smoking as I will give you a few tips with mindfulness methods which may help.

Usually with the experience of people smoking, it comes from present stress in life, or memories re-playing in the sub-conscious mind which creates negative discomfort for the individual via thought.

To help with clearing the memories re-playing, I recommend you try to re-program the sub-conscious mind and to clear the thoughts/memories with the Hawaiian clearing method of Ho’oponopono which means to make right as we have 11 million memories re-playing per second.  If you say the mantra of I AM SORRY for creating which ever  negative emotion you are bringing up for example anger, PLEASE FORGIVE ME for creating this memory, I THANK YOU for letting go of this memory and I LOVE YOU releases the memory and sends it back to your higher self, the divine or whatever you believe in.  Practice the mantra for a week or more and feel the shift of the mind be more clear as I have managed to clear 95% of blocked negative memories re-playing in my sub-conscious memory.  You can also continue to say the mantra for the rest of your life on whenever a negative memory may re-surface or in the present life situation and then this will eliminate the habits of memories re-playing and thus release the emotions and thus release the need for comfort for smoking.   The Hawaiian clearing method is part 1 of my 7 step Yanni mindful masterclass which can be found on this website.

Another method to use is just by saying the words/mantra of I LOVE YOU over and over again as this will create inner love to you and the universe and disperse any negative words which you use which then creates the need for comfort again the need to smoke.  Just install the belief of inner love and create the new habit of feeling in your sub-conscious mind.

Finally creating POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS of belief to yourself by seeing it in the mind, feeling it with high energy and believing it for example I AM AMAZING, then installs new beliefs in your mind to create inner beliefs of positive energy.

So keep doing these methods with help to eliminate old habits and create new beliefs thus clearing current thoughts and blocked memories re-playing.

Thank you for reading



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