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Yanni has been offering holistic alternative therapies for many years and over time has also learnt the spiritual aspect of his life including the law of attraction.

Also listening and learning from many spiritual teachers and life coaches and reading many books.


Feb 8, 2020

Welcome to this blog with myself on emotional surpression.

This subject is how the body mind and soul creates held emotional surpression  and how we can deal and let go and express ourselves the right way.

Holding onto emotions can leave damaging effects to the 50 trillion cells in our body on a sub-conscious level also as holding onto emotions leaves the body at the possibility of dis-ease as we hold onto emotions that need to be released.

Even though negative emotions create negative emotions as like attracts like within the law of attraction with the scenarios and the people we attract as everyone is our reflection, Letting go in the moment and then getting back to oneness and to a zero state of mind is the key to release.  Or if you feel like letting go at home when no one is around and then this is good too as you have let go of the emotions.

I have found the best method for me is to clear the mind by using a 4 phrase mantra which is a Hawaiian clearing method and by saying I AM SORRY for creating the memory of anger or sadness within me, PLEASE FORGIVE ME for letting go of this memory, I THANK YOU for letting go of the memory and I LOVE YOU releases the memory back to the divine or your higher self as most emotions are a trigger of the memory held in our sub-conscious mind as we have 11 million memories re-playing per second.  Try this method and you will also feel more calmer, otherwise use the methods above for letting go to release the inner held emotions.



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