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Yanni has been offering holistic alternative therapies for many years and over time has also learnt the spiritual aspect of his life including the law of attraction.

Also listening and learning from many spiritual teachers and life coaches and reading many books.


Dec 21, 2019

Hi welcome to another blog with myself Yannimindbodyandspirit and this blog is all about the best times to manifest.  We all use various methods to attract our manifestations in our lives however I find that when you visualise first thing in the morning is a great way to start as you are setting up your intentions for the day.  When you imagine for 17 seconds which is the time it will reach the universe and for the intention to begin it,s magic, you then feel it with a high energy frequency between 636hz and up to 900hz to feel that enthusiasm of belief within you.

If you do this 3 times a day, you can do this during the day also and also before you go to bed as you will then possibly sink into a deep trance of sub-conscious memory of the intention which will then create the manifestation thought to the universe.

Neville Goddard back in the day also states to manifest for 2 – 3 minutes on each intention by closing your eyes and imagining your in goal and by feeling it again is another great method to manifest and again at night if you have the energy, or first thing in the morning is when I find it best as this is when I have the highest level of energy within and even during the day is fantastic too.

So practice these methods and I would love to hear your comments on your success of these methods.



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