Yanni Mind Body and Spirit

My path to the light

Hi there! I’m Yanni and my story is of many ups and downs please read on…

My Journey

following the right path
Throughout my life, I have encountered many challenges and hurdles.

Physical, mental and spiritual. But I’ve been able to overcome all of those by sticking to my motto of ‘chasing the light’.

No matter how hard life got or how stressful, this path of enlightenment has led me to realize the potential in me and what I was cut out for.

Whether it is sunny or raining, hot or cold; you will always find me at the horizon chasing the light.

I started off as a massage therapist and reflexologist. Pretty soon I was able to call myself a Reiki Master.

It was at this point that I was exposed to a book which taught me the art of creating life experiences via thought, feelings and consequently actions that shape overtime changing one’s life for the better

Since then I have embarked on a spiritual journey seeking new ways to improve myself as a person and to discover the true meaning of life and my place in it.

I met with and trained under different life coaches. Gaining profound troves of knowledge and growing under the guidance of each coach. I studied their life experiences and wisdom in the form of books and DVDs.

And here I stand, after a long eye-opening journey. In full control over my life and with only one more goal in my mind.

To help others across the same path and help them realize their purpose. Discover their meaning and take the reins of their life.

I now offer my mentorship to all those seeking physical, mental or spiritual aid in their own journeys.

Yanni Mind, Body and Spirit offers a complete self-development and transformation program spread over a course of 7 steps that will clear your mind and help you focus on your goals in life without getting distracted by the banter of everyday life.

Free your mind and learn to think without worldly constraints. Like your mind is now free of the shackles that once bound it.

Realize your potential and cement your purpose. Personal one-to-one mentoring is available for those who require a more intimate touch.

I will try my best to guide you through any challenge you may be facing in your life as well as share my own life experiences that I have amassed over the years.



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