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7 Steps to Mastering your mind

Yanni Mindful Master class

In This 7 week Masterclass, You Will Discover:

Welcome my mindfulness clearing program the 7 step process. Even though many of the subjects have been taught by others for many years and will continue, as a mindfulness coach I have put into place my proven methods of how this mindfulness program can help you in many ways to find solutions for your life.

My mission and my passion is to help you achieve your passion in this life which we have been given and to tap into the power of the gift of the SUB-CONSCIOUS mind given to us.

Once you know how to tap into your AWARENESS and SUB-CONSCIOUS, your life can change to become better and you will be more in control.

Step 1: Ho’oponopono the Hawaiian Method

Ho’oponopono the Hawaiian clearing method for the mind which helps clear the memory of stored data created from this life from everything that we have experienced and from our DNA our families and ancestors from the past.

By cleaning the memory with a four word mantra of I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, I love you, you clear the memory to get back to a zero state of mind.

This can be used as a mantra for peace of mind, visualization and also to receive divine inspiration to then act upon.

For example go play the lottery then you take action there and there or you write it down to take action. If you miss out on taking action then you could miss out on an opportunity to progress in life.

Step 2: Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a method you use your thoughts and
feelings to create a belief with high energy of excitement to attract
anything you want in life.

However also by taking action by getting the ball rolling for example if
you want specific car then go test drive it and get into the feeling that
you already have it.

Another great method is to close your eyes for 2 – 3 minutes and
imagine again with high energy enthusiasm that you are in your
manifestation as to feed this into the sub-conscious mind as the sub-
conscious mind is only aware of what you store in it.

Also to speed up the process of your manifestation, another method of
using the law of attraction, is by imagining that you have already
achieved your intention or goals by seeing the vision and raising your
energy levels to a high vibration or frequency of excitement that your
manifestation has already been achieved.

Again see it, feel it and believe it as your sub-conscious mind only knows
what you have stored in it and thus creating the belief that it has already
been manifested.

Step 3: Four Word Mantra

Finding inner peace and this method is using the four word
mantra of Ho’oponopono of I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I THANK
YOU AND I LOVE YOU as this is very peaceful and calming.

Also taking 10 rounds 10 seconds of deep breaths in and saying I love
you, then hold for 10 seconds and say I love you and then breath out for
10s seconds and say I love you as this will help with cleansing the inner
body and also sending love to yourself.

Step 4: Power of Love

Using the power of love so by practising the mantra on its
own and saying I love you, it is a powerful healing tool for the body as
you are feeding the cells and body with love as the belief creates the
body to feel and also you are sending loving energy to the universe.

Also it is a great method to use for your intentions for your manifestations by saying I love you to all your goals.

The same applies with the mantra of saying I thank you as the power of gratitude you are sending thanks to the divine, to yourself to the universe and to your intentions for your manifestations and also the feeling you will get by saying this powerful words.

Finally in this process write up with I AM GRATEFUL and then continue with all your goals/manifestations one by one with hypnotic writing of imagining you have created your manifestations writing down whatever you wish you have created with that goal.

Step 5: Positive Affirmation

Using the I AM POSITIVE AFFIRMATION and by finding between 5 – 10 positive beliefs of what you wish to be for example I AM
PEACE, then say these words 10 times with again seeing it, feeling it with high energy levels and believing and you will send out the energy and store in your sub0conscious belief to become.

Step 6: Awakening Process

The awakening process and by using process 1 – 5 and to practice them all, you are now on the way to using the method to tap into your crown chakra as this will open and your third eye chakra to be intuitive and feel more spiritual and thus master a new way of being able to start the belief section of process 7.

Step 7: Complete Belief System

I will teach you how to change any beliefs that you have stored in your sub-conscious memory from this life passed on from your
family, peers, school to create how you should live your life and anything passed on from the DNA of your ancestors that have created their own beliefs which have been passed onto us even with us being unaware why a belief is running our way of thinking so by using eliminating the beliefs and creating the new beliefs using process 1 – 6 you are now able to create new beliefs to change your life.

For example the need to work 9 -5 usually has been passed on to us
when we were younger from our parents as we see them living the lifestyle you believe you then follow where by finding a passion or career that gives you more joy and working less and earning more can also be achieved by creating a new belief and desire to succeed.



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7 week Masterclass

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